Vincent van Zelm

Vincent van Zelm (1976) graduated from the Dutch Film Academy in 2006, joined 25fps in 2009 and has considered it home ever since. Vincent has both directed and written short films, commercials, promos, webseries, TV-series and screenplays for feature films. Some of them award-winning like TON’S MOSTERD, which won him a Zilveren Lamp in 2014, ACTEREN IS OOK EEN VAK, which won him a Dutch Promo Award in 2011, THE DRILL MACHINE GIRL, which was nominated for a Digital Emmy in 2011 and his short film ON THE WRONG FOOT, which won him several festival awards, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Whatever the length of the film, whether it’s a commercial, a promo, TV or film, Vincent’s main focus is to tell a gripping and interesting story. That’s what got him interested in filmmaking as a teenager and he’s still convinced it’s the key to a successfull film.

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