Mike van Diem

Mike van Diem graduated from the Dutch Film Academy. As graduation movie, Mike made the film ‘Alaska’ which won him the ‘Student Academy Award’ (Oscar) in the category ‘Drama’. He also was distinguished with a Golden Calf for ‘Best short film’ with ‘Alaska’. He wrote a various number of episodes for the tv-series ‘Pleidooi’. With his first movie ‘Character’ based on the 1938 novel ‘Karakter’ by Ferdinand Bordewijk, he received several international honours, including an Oscar for ‘Best foreign movie’. After his feature film ‘The Surprise’ in 2015, his most recent feature film released in 2017 ‘Tulipani’. At 25FPS Mike has made commercials for KPN, Audi, Grolsch, ANWB, Centraal Beheer, Randstad, Wanadoo, Klene, Xilifresh, Fruitella, Unox, Compuserve, Nutricia, Natuurmonumenten, Monsterboard, Donorregistratie, Nuon en Amstel.

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