Maarten Treurniet

Maarten Treurniet graduated from the Film Academy Amsterdam in the categories: camera, sound and directing. After the academy he directed television series such as the award winning ‘Pleidooi’ (Golden Calf and Nipkow Schijf) and ‘Zwarte sneeuw’. He also directed the movies ‘Zonder Zelda’ and ‘Het Paradij’s. ‘Het Paradijs’ has been awarded at many different international festivals. In 2003 Maarten directed the feature film ‘De Passievrucht’ and ‘De Heineken Ontvoering’ in 2011. His latest feature ‘Kenau’ was released in 2014. 

Since 1997 Maarten directed countless commercials for 25fps, for example: Amstel, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Opel, Unox, KPN, Knorr, Zwitserleven, Nuon and Planet Internet. Maarten also makes commercials abroad. So far in France, Denmark, Germany, England and Italy.

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