Diederik van Rooijen

Diederik van Rooijen graduated from the Dutch Film and Television Academy in 2001. His short film BABYPHONED won at the Dutch Film Festival the NPS Award for Best Short Film. In 2003 he directed ZULAIKA in Curacao, which won several awards. Diederik is a director and screenwriter of short films (among others DUMMY, A SWEATER FOR CHICKEN SAAR, ANGRY EYE, MASS), Television dramas (among others THE WHITE GIRLS, DEADLINE, KEIJZER & DE BOER LAWYERS) and feature films. He was creative producer and director of the innovative crime series PEARLS AND SWINE which won him the NFTVM Award. The short film GENJI won prizes, among others, the prestigious UNESCO Award Prix Jeunesse in Munich. In 2008 he directed the feature film BOLLYWOOD HERO in India for IDTV Film. In February 2009 the Telefilm STELLA’S WAR went in premiere. From 2010 Diederik’s drama series Penoza was televised. Penoza is both an artistic and a public success and brought Dutch drama to a higher international level. His feature TAPED was released in Dutch cinemas in autumn 2011. Followed by the successful film DAYLIGHT to the book by Marion Pauw.
In addition to his work for film and television drama, he directed countless commercials for: Mc Donalds, KPN, Heineken, Unox, Andrelon, Albert Heijn and his Volkswagen Polo GTI commercials won him a Bronze Lion at Cannes in 2006. At the moment he is living with his family in Los Angeles doing several projects which combines very well with his commercial work in Holland.

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