Ben Brand

After Ben Brand graduated from the Film Academy in Amsterdam, his graduation film ‘Day by Day’ won the grand jury prize at the International Scottish Arts & Film Festival in Edinburgh. In 2011 his commercial for the ‘Young Director Award’ festival in Cannes won the Golden Hammer in Latvia, the Silver Drum in Slovenia, a Cresta Award in New York, was nominated twice for the Cannes Lions and gained over 50.000.000 views worldwide.
Since then Ben has directed many commercials for Caviar Amsterdam as well as two shorts; ‘Life is Beautiful’ (3D animation) and ‘97%’ (live action). These films have been shown at over 150 international film festivals, gaining more than 2.000.000 views online and winning numerous awards, including audience awards in France, Germany and Holland, best director awards at Shortcutz Amsterdam, the Cinefiesta Film Festival and a best animated short award at the Tirana International Film Festival. ‘97%’ also represented the Netherlands in the live action short film category at the Oscars in 2014.
In 2017 Ben finished his first feature film ‘Find this dumb little bitch and throw her into a river’ which he developed together with co-writer Ilse Ott at the international Binger Writerslab.
DO IT FOR YOUR FAMILY is a short film / commercial funded and produced by production company 25FPS and written & directed by Ben Brand. This is a passion project that wants to let the boundaries between film and commercials disappear.
The story is based on true events. A year ago Ben found a photo online, which struck him so deeply that he had to do something with it. You can find the picture here but be sure to watch the film first:
In January 2018 the commercial gained over 2 million views worldwide. In the same year he also made a commercial for Nestlé.
photo: Anieka van Leeuwarden

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